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26.05.2011 10:33

A Single industrial park for all your needs

Anar Shabanov, Senior Marketing Manager at Sumgait Technology Park:

- By introducing plastic pipe products here at the exhibition, we can immediately familiarize the visitors, experts and our potential business partners with the variety and sizes of pipes that we offer - a huge range! Our industrial park has great potential, due to other branches of the business, which are not on display at this exhibition. In this exhibition, we hope to fully showcase all of our products.

Our main products are plastic pipes, cabling (both high and low voltage), aluminum and copper. We also have licensed electrical cabinets made by Schneider. Schneider is a French company and we are the sole distributor for them in Azerbaijan.

We are sure that many visitors to the exhibition will be interested in solar collectors, which are intended to aid the heating systems of apartments and summer houses, saving electricity and hot water. And thereТs more: many kinds of trailer, assembled here, and tonnage trailers, are showcased.

The Industrial Park opened in 2009. This is our first visit to this exhibition. The purpose of our participation is to show the population of Azerbaijan that there is a technological "craftsman" in the construction industry, capable of directly supplying everything to its customers. After all, it is more convenient to visit one industrial park and purchase everything you need than to have to visit several different organizations.

Our future plans are big. The plant currently employs about 2000 people. We will develop, because the existence of these parks is rare, even globally, and in Azerbaijan and the CIS it is something new and unique. There has been a lot of investment put into the park, and we hope that it will become famous, not just in Azerbaijan, but also in CIS countries, and perhaps even in Europe. And our attendance at this exhibition makes a significant contribution to the implementation of these ambitious plans!

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